Underfloor Insulation Melbourne

Can you imagine not feeling the COLD air biting your ankles in the middle of winter?


Are you sick of every time you turn the heater off, its cold in the house within 10 minutes?


What about your energy bills? Skyrocketing I bet.


Especially a gas ducted system that runs and runs constantly to keep up with the temp dropping every 2 minutes, churning through your hard-earned!


There’s an easy way you can fix these issues and have a beautifully warm home right now. 


Our small  team of expert installers can transform your quality of living by installing Autex Polyester Underfloor insulation.


Beware the cheap imitation products out there! Autex is the market leader for Polyester Insulation. It’s all in the manufacture of the materials and the base polyester that is used.


We only use Autex for one reason, our professional reputation depends on it!


We guarantee our installations for 10 years, and honestly, nothing else is going to stay in and perform over that period of time. Especially when its installed below the floor and exposed to the elements of cold, hot, moist and dry air ALL YEAR ROUND. 


Add to that the 50 year material warranty offered by Autex the manufacturer, and it’s a no brainer!



AUTEX Polyester Underfloor Insulation is the ideal product to install under the floor of a Melbourne home.
I’ve lost count of the number of houses I go to where I can see straight through the floorboards. This means huge amounts of air will travel through these gaps, constantly affecting the temperature inside your home. And if the floor is carpeted, it’s not much better as mentioned already.


R2.0 Autex Polyester is the standard value we install, it comes in 10 metre rolls and is pre-cut to a 45cm width, which is the standard width for floor joists (we can also do custom widths). It’s 10cm thick, roughly the same thickness as the floor joists in your home, which is great because it sits very neatly, and level with the bottom of the floor joists.


We also offer the R2.5 variant for those extenuating circumstances where a thicker product is required. For a standard install, we find that it isn't.


What's the best thing about insulating your home?


Besides the fact that you can properly beat the Melbourne Winter COLD It actually costs you nothing when you factor in how much you’ll save on energy costs, it will actually SAVE you a lot of money every year.


Normally within 3 years you’ve made the cost of the supply and installation back, and you’re now in the black and climbing. 


It’s like you’ve bought a nice pair of giant snow pants for your house to wear, and the house pays you back (with change) within a few years!


Best regards,


Douglas Insulation