Underfloor Insulation Melbourne

Underfloor insulation in Melbourne is something that is often overlooked (and sometimes not possible to install in some homes due to access issues) when it comes to home insulation.

The truth is that AUTEX Polyester Underfloor insulation can completely change the temperature of your home, adding a few degrees in the Winter months and taking a few off in Summer. I’ve installed polyester under the floors of hundreds of Melbourne homes and the results are always amazing!

Of all the different types of underfloor insulation out there, some are good and some not so good. And others that are just not that well suited to a Melbourne climate. Polyester is not susceptible to moisture like fibreglass products are, so it’s much more durable for a vertical install, and installs also subjected to the outside air. And there’s no need for unsightly strapping to be installed, the strong polyester fibres can support their own weight on the fixings.

We use and recommend Autex Greenstuf Polyester Underfloor Insulation

AUTEX Polyester Underfloor Insulation is the ideal product to install under the floor of a Melbourne home. I’ve lost count of the number of houses I go to where I can see straight through the floorboards. This means huge amounts of air will travel through these gaps, constantly affecting the temperature inside your home. And if the floor is carpeted, it’s not much better. Yellow tongue flooring is only 19mm thick and not a very good insulator, so there’s really nothing between you and the elements.

R2.0 Polyester Underfloor is the standard value we install, it comes in 10 metre rolls and is pre-cut to a 45cm width, which is the standard width for floor joists (we can also do custom widths). It’s 10cm thick, roughly the same thickness as the floor joists in your home, which is great because it sits very neatly, and level with the bottom of the floor timbers.

The way I install is to staple through the strong Polyester fibres on the side of the floor joists. Both sides are stapled at 200mm intervals. The batt sits hard up against the floor, with nowhere for vermin to gather and nest.

It makes sense to install Underfloor insulation. And best of all, there’s a 50-year manufacturers’ guarantee included with the product.

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