1. What types of Insulation do you install?


In ceilings, we install KNAUF Earthwool batts and AUTEX Polyester batts. For underfloor, we install only AUTEX Polyester batts.


2. How long does the average house take to insulate?


Most jobs are generally done within one day. Allow two days for very large homes.


3. Does the old insulation need to be removed before new insulation can be installed?


We can organise for removal, but in most cases it’s not required. The new product will work just as well installed over the old insulation. But ultimately it’s up to you whether you want it removed or not. 


4. How long does old blow-in insulation last?


Unfortunately not very long. Most blow-in cellulose insulation has greatly reduced efficiency after 10 years. The new batts we install are good for 30 to 50 years depending on type.


5. Is it safe?


Yes. All insulation sold in Australia must meet stringent standards regarding quality, materials and fire safety. All products also come with a manufacturers guarantee.


6. Do downlights need to be fitted with downlight covers?


No, with batt insulation a small gap must be left around the downlight and transformer. The size of the gap will alter slightly depending on if the light is halogen or LED. A lot of new LED Downlights can be insulated right over the top.


7. Are you insured?


Of course. Ask us for documents anytime.


8. Which insulation is better for people with respiratory problems?


All of the batts we use a pretty good, but Polyester is by far the best product for people with high sensitivities.


9. How long have you been installing insulation?


We’ve been installing insulation since 2003.